This is the Superknuffels TV commercial I worked on for Aix Sponza Munich. The Superknuffels are plush toys and the supermarket chain Pennys’ give-away for frequent shoppers. I animated most of the characters in the shots with the singer, the melon, jumping around and the closer shots with the keyboarder, the celery. In the 15 second version I animated the cauliflower jumping into frame. Animation was also done by Leo Akinbiyi and Can Erduman, who also woked on the face rigs of the Knuffels.

/// Credits:
Produced by: Aix Sponza
Client: PENNY Markt
Agency: serviceplan campaign 3 gmbh
Agencyproducer; Neverest GmbH & Co. KG
Soundstudio: Hastings Audio Network, Hamburg
Music Production: Supreme Music GmbH
Off-Voice: Rasmus B.
Creative Director: Leo Akinbiyi, Christian Tyroller
Producer: Julian Fischer
Head of Production: Matthias Zabiegly
Head of Animation: Leo Akinbiyi
Animators: Alex Bootz, Can Erduman
Modelling & Rigging: Holger Biebrach, Fabian Rosenkranz
3D Artists: Jens Kindler, Raphael Rau
Compositing: Tobias Müller