This is the animated short film I recently worked on to promote Maxons Cinema 4D new face rigging tools. The way it works is by placing some markers on the CG characters face. Then the controls, you will be animating later, are generated automatically by the software for you. 
Idea, direction and animation by Can Erduman. Additional animation was done by Sebastiao Lopez and me. I worked on most of the shots at the end of the film. 
Have a look at the full credits here:
Can Erduman: Direction, Character Creation, Animation 

Alex Bootz (me ;): Character Animation, Editing, Cinematography 

Sebastiao Lopes: Character Animation, Special FX 

Andi Wenzel: Lighting, Shading, Compositing 

Bernd Kopf: SFX / Music 

Bastian J. Schiffer: Title Design / Typography