I animated that lazy bear for Aixsponza Munich. Together with my fellow animator Can Erduman who rigged the body and face of the bear. I animated amongst other shots the sequence with the bear picking the fish in the fridge and dancing to his sofa to watch TV. Thanks to Aixsponza for having me on that job.

Client: TEAG Thüringer Energie AG
Produktion: Viertel Filme, Frankfurt
Agentur: Bestseller, Frankfurt
Regie: Alexander Düsterberg, Viertel Filme
Producer: Julian Fischer
Creative Director: Achim August Tietz
Technical Director: Achim August Tietz
Modelling/Sculpting Bear: Lars Korb
Fur Artist: Humberto Rodrigues
Modelling Props: Sven Mai
Rigging: Can Erduman
Animation: Alexander Bootz, Can Erduman
Shading / Lighting / Rendering: Leo Akinbiyi, Jens Kindler
Compositing: Achim August Tietz